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Online legal solutions at your fingertips. No travelling, No delay, No hassle.

Vogel Incorporated is a second-generation law firm with a national footprint of associated professional legal practitioners delivering online and face-to-face legal services to individuals and corporate entities since 2006.

Because of our unique information technology infrastructure and associate component, we are able to accommodate any requirement a client may have from a centralised national online command structure.

We specialise in secure online legal solutions for individuals and corporate entities alike, eliminating logistical challenges associated with unnecessary travelling, saving you time and helping you to be more productive.

Get in touch for immediate secure online assistance, wherever you are.


Are you currently in need of legal assistance?

We believe everyone has the right to quality legal help when they need it. With our online offering and affordable consultation structure, you can access expert legal representatives, in the way you want it, no matter where you are.





Ground Floor, Sagewood House,

Eastwood Office Park,

290 Lynwood Service Road,

Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria,

Gauteng, South Africa



+ 27 86 111 5244

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