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Family Law

​Family law is not pretty, it’s personal and it’s sensitive, and it needs to be handled by professionals with the knowledge and skill required. ​Working with us provides you with seasoned professionals who, while providing you with the service and advice you need, will also remain attentive to the sensitive nature of the matter at hand. ​

Property Law

​​Property law deals with both immovable and personal property and is all about the rights one has to use, control or dispose of any property. The property industry is loaded with complex issues and we are there to help you navigate your way through.  From conveyancing to general property law, our specialist team is able to advise on any matter. ​

Corporate Law

​​Our practical and business-minded approach helps in guiding you on good corporate governance, the drafting of contracts to ensure protection from any potential risks, mergers and acquisitions, and more.  We also assist with mediation and arbitration, which we’re able to offer via our virtual meeting room platform, facilitating an online experience that is cost effective, as well as easy and accessible for all those concerned.

Civil Law

​​The process of settling disputes and violations without anyone facing criminal prosecution, civil litigation can take the form of a court proceeding, or dispute resolution in the form of mediation or settlement negotiations. Often a long, drawn out process, it is important that you have someone on your side who understands all relevant rights in terms of the law and who has specific experience in civil litigation.  

Criminal Law

​​Being accused of or arrested for any offence can be overwhelming, and it’s important to have someone on your side who is experienced and has in-depth knowledge of the criminal laws and all the various processes.  We will guide you through, assisting with everything from criminal charges, being falsely accused, bail hearings and applications, negotiations, trial representation, and more. 

Debt Law

​​Helping consumers with sequestration, liquidation, black listings and more, so that they can regain financial freedom. Assisting business in the legal recovery of outstanding debts. Our services include required correspondence, agreements, litigation, and more.  

Labour Law

We provide comprehensive industrial relations, labour and employment services that include conciliation and arbitration, disciplinary enquiries, retrenchments and general HR legal consulting.


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